The Rodman Scholars Program is the honors program for the top 5% of each class in the engineering school. Students are selected for their superior academic performance and potential to become the engineering leaders of tomorrow. Rodmans are placed into a special first-year curriculum that allows them to expand and develop their talents by building on and learning from each other. In addition to the first-year curriculum, the Rodman Scholars Program encourages Rodmans to explore their interests through 1-credit seminars chosen by the scholars themselves. Throughout their four years, Rodmans are given access to special research and design opportunities to continue developing their engineering and leadership skills.

Professor Dana Elzey oversees the Rodman Scholars Program while the Rodman Council organizes a variety of events for the Rodmans and manages much of the day-to-day operations of the program, in conjunction with Professor Elzey. All Rodmans can be a part of Rodman Council and are encouraged to attend meetings that take place every other week throughout the semester.


Meeting Minutes Posted!
January 27, 2016
In case you missed it, the minutes from our first RodCouncil meeting of the semester have been posted. We hope to see you at our next meeting on February 10th, 2016.
Congratulations to our new Rodmans!
January 6, 2016
We would like to welcome Anirudha Chandrabhatla, Juan Jose Palacio Duque, Grant Guan, Xu He, Katie Lee, and Rohit Rustagi into the Rodman Program as mid-year scholars. All applicants were very impressive, and we want to thank everyone who applied; it was a very tough decision!
November/December Newsletter Released
December 22, 2015
In this semester's final edition of the newsletter, we highlight many aspects of the Rodman community that occurred throughout the semester, including our new Service Committee and two of our particularly hands-on Rodman Seminars. Read the entire thing here.
Happy Holidays from the Rodman community!
December 8, 2015
Best of luck to all of our scholars as they enter into finals week! Whether you are a first year finishing your first semester at UVA, a fourth year about to begin the final leg of your undergraduate journey, or any age in between, we hope you have a wonderful winter break and a Happy New Year! If you feel the urge to recollect on memories of good times past over break (or at any time), feel free to visit the updated photo gallery. See you in the spring, and wahoowa!
October Newsletter Released
November 10, 2015
October was a busy month for the Rodman program, including such great events as the Young Alumni Reception, Parents' Weekend, and of course RodFest! Learn about these events and more in our October Newsletter.
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