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Welcome prospective Graduate students

A publication for alumni and friends of the Engineering School


A publication about faculty and student research at the Engineering School

This is a wonderful time to be an engineer and there’s no better place to do that than the U.Va. Engineering School. Engineering is science and technology applied in ways that make a difference in people’s lives. Engineers create solutions to society’s challenges and create life-saving and life-changing products that improve the human condition in areas such as health, safety, information technology, transportation and the environment. To find out more about our School, browse through our site, come and visit, and/or participate in one of our outreach programs offered by the Center for Diversity in Engineering.

Graduate study at the Engineering School is characterized by integrated learning experiences with highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty. Graduate admissions committees seek well-rounded individuals who bring exceptional intellectual capabilities and a passion for their chosen field. Our graduate students have the opportunity to participate in leading-edge research and to form lifelong professional relationships with our world-renown faculty.

The School of Engineering and Applied Science administration and faculty are pleased that Governor McDonnell’s Executive Directive One declares that there is no tolerance for discrimination, including on the basis of sexual orientation. SEAS is committed to being a welcoming place for every member of our community and to avoid discrimination of all types in the treatment of students, faculty and staff. In particular, we strongly endorse and will continue to comply with the University’s policy prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.