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Exxon-Mobil continues its promotion of engineering careers with the listicle “15 Signs You Were Born to Be an Engineer.” What’s an example from your childhood that showed you were destined to become an engineer?

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Image of a laboratory  
Biomedical Engineering Faculty Move to Hands-On Learning

Corporate America has laid down the gauntlet: Given the competitive pressures it faces, it no longer has the luxury of helping its new hires translate their theoretical knowledge of engineering into practical engineering skills. It needs engineering schools to produce graduates who come to their first jobs ready to contribute. (More)

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On the Wings of Dragonflies: Engineer Explores the Secrets of Insect Flight

When Charlottesville buzzed with the sound of 17-year cicadas, University of Virginia mechanical and aerospace engineering Associate Professor Haibo Dong led members of his Flow Simulation Research Group into the woods near the University Dell. There they waited, butterfly nets in hand, to capture a few members of the swarm to take back to their laboratory. Their hunt was part of Dong’s larger effort to understand how insects use their flexible wings to fly. (More)

Image of Lark Washington making a pot  
Engineering With a Human Component

James Smith, the Henry L. Kinnier Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, has worked for more than a decade to refine and develop water purification technologies that can be produced using local materials and local labor. During this time, scores of undergraduate students from the Engineering School and the University have worked with him to test these technologies. (More)

Image of the winning SEAS Team  
SEAS Team Among Winners of the Galant Challenge for Entrepreneurs

As second-year students at U.Va., Tara Raj and Garrett Allen joined forces to bring to life Raj’s idea for a new business — an app that would directly connect voters with elected officials. Under the guidance of Lecturer Douglas Muir, who teaches entrepreneurship, Raj and Allen developed their fledgling enterprise, called VotersChoice. Now their endeavor, a direct-polling and analytics app that serves as a two-way communication channel between voters and representatives, is winning prestigious competitions — and seed money. (More)

Image of Kamin Whitehouse  
Smart Homes Lead to Sensible Energy Use

The key to saving energy in the home, says computer science Professor Kamin Whitehouse, is understanding the people who live there. That’s why he is developing smart-home technology that would track people within the home — whether they are watching TV, taking a shower or cooking — and automatically adjust systems such as the air conditioner or the hot water heater accordingly. (More)

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Sign Up to be a SEAS Alumni Volunteer

Congrats and thanks to the 167 of you who have already responded to help SEAS! Haven’t signed up yet? No problem — you still can. Help recruit engineering students for summer internships or get involved with your local UVaClub. You could even host or attend an alumni event in your city. Sign up today to get involved! (More)