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What are the most important issues engineering undergraduates need to understand about unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)?

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U.Va. Appoints New Dean of School of Engineering and Applied Science

Craig H. Benson has been appointed the 13th dean of the U.Va. Engineering School, effective July 1, 2015. A member of the National Academy of Engineering, he is a renowned geoenvironmental engineer with a distinguished record of research. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he chairs the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Department of Geological Engineering, co-directs the Office of Sustainability and directs Sustainability Research and Education. (More)

Image of the Winter Issue of UNBOUND  

The winter issue of UNBOUND highlights undergraduate and graduate students and faculty who embody, in their own ways, the breadth and depth that U.Va. Engineering represents, and who set new standards for excellence. Read about a groundbreaking partnership with industry that resulted in a new University research center; undergraduates Yiqi Cao, Sarah Hill and Apoorva Lonkar, who are leaving their marks on the institution; and first-year student Justin Dezoort, who arrived on Grounds with a variety of experiences and interests. Read about new ways of teaching engineering and about research that is changing the world. (More)

Image of Professor W. Bernard Carlson  
Translating Entrepreneurship in Tibet

Professor W. Bernard Carlson understands the way entrepreneurs think. A historian of technology, he has spent his career studying entrepreneurs and inventors like Nikola Tesla and nurturing entrepreneurship among engineering students as director of the School’s business minor. A two-week visit to the Tibet Autonomous Region in China in the company of other University faculty and community leaders gave him the opportunity to test his assumptions. The experience proved to be a revelation. (More)

Image of Joanna Adadevoh  
Graduate Student Joanna Adadevoh Researching Bioremediation

Working with Professor Roseanne Ford, chemical engineering graduate student Joanna Adadevoh is researching how to clean up groundwater using microbes. Her project is related to how microorganisms, like bacteria, that have the ability to use the oil as a food source can swim toward it and chemically degrade it to remove it from groundwater. A native of Nigeria, she has always understood that clean water is a precious resource. Last summer, Adadevoh completed an internship at biopharmaceutical company AbbVie in North Chicago as part of her fellowship with the NIH’s Biotechnology Training Program. (More)

Image of Emilio Esteban  
Emilio Esteban

Fourth-year student Emilio Esteban has developed his native interest in electronics and hardware in the classroom and in the lab at U.Va. Working in Professor John Lach’s INERTIA lab and with the U.Va. Child Development and Rehabilitation Center, he helped design an ankle-foot orthotic which integrated body sensor network devices to measure ankle angle rotation. And last year he taught a class on printed circuit board layout for fellow students. (More)

Image of Stroke Treatment Research  
U.Va. Researchers Use Ultrasound and Microbubbles to Improve Stroke Treatment

When University of Virginia biomedical engineering professor John Hossack and colleagues in the School of Engineering and Applied Science and the School of Medicine consider bubbles, they think of something much more useful than a child’s plaything or sparkling wine. They are building an entire technology around microscopic bubbles — a technology that has the potential to play an important role in diagnosing as well as treating diseases like cancer and conditions like stroke. (More)