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If you want a degree listed in the left column, complete the forms in the column on the right.

Ph.D.: Request appointment of your advisory committee.

Doctoral Advisory Committee
(may be re-submitted if changed)

Ph.D.: Submit a report of your Ph.D. (qualifying, preliminary, comprehensive) examination. You MUST also submit the program-specific qualifying exam assessment form (below)

Ph.D. Examination Report

Ph.D.: Submit documentation of dissertation proposal, to be completed at the Proposal Examination. (replaces form G108) You MUST also submit the Engineering Dissertation Proposal Assessment form.

Dissertation Proposal
and Engineering Dissertation Proposal Assessment

M.S. and Ph.D.: Request appointment of your final examination (defense) committee

Final Examination Committee

M.S. and Ph.D.: Submit a report of Final Examination, to be completed at exam. You MUST also submit a Thesis and Dissertation Assessment form and (Ph.D. only) a certificate of completion of the on-line Survey of Earned Doctorates

Report on Final Examination
and Thesis and Dissertation Assessment

Survey of Earned Doctorates

M.S. and Ph.D.: Official Approval Sheet with the Dean’s signature, to be completed at the exam or after required corrections are complete.

Approval Sheet

ALL Degrees: Request change, exception or waiver to SEAS academic requirements.

Request Requirement Change, Exception or Waiver

M.S./M.E.: Request approval of transfer credits/courses—will appear on U.Va. transcript (limit 6 in M.S./12 in M.E./ 15 in CGEP consortium). Must be processed at least 2 weeks prior to graduation (including receipt of official transcript with final grade).

Request Approval of Transfer Credits

ALL Degrees: Request change of program/department or degree

Request Program Plan Change

M.S. and Ph.D.: Request use of SEAS graduate level (=>5000) courses taken while a U.Va. undergraduate student. Courses must have NOT been used for the undergraduate degree.

SEAS Graduate Course Approval

Students should use this form only to make schedule changes that cannot be made by using SIS.

UREG’s Online Course Action Form


Outcome Assessment Forms
• Engineering Analysis Assessment
• Engineering Design Assessment
• Engineering Dissertation Proposal Assessment
• Engineering Oral Communication Assessment
• Engineering Plan of Study Assessment
• Engineering Technical Writing Assessment
• Engineering Thesis & Dissertation Assessment

Program-specific Qualifying Exam Forms
• Biomedical Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Computer Engineering
• Computer Science
• Electrical Engineering
• Engineering Physics
• Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
• Materials Science and Engineering
• Systems Engineering