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Undergraduate Research and Design Symposium
April 15, 2015, Rice Hall Auditorium

Current Winners | 2014 Winners | 2013 Winners

The Engineering School Undergraduate Research and Design Symposium is an annual presentation and selection of the best of the undergraduate research theses.

The following are the winners for 2015:


Momentum Algorithm for Quantifying Dendritic Cell Movement
Caroline Crockett and Elizabeth Orrico, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Project Advisor: Scott Acton


Design of a Manufacturing Facility in the United States to Produce Trastuzumab: A Biosimilar of Herceptin, a HER2+ Cancer Treatment
Andrew Rice, Jennifer Bridge, Katie Gigante, Nicole Williams, and Ana Maria Meneses, Chemical Engineering
Project Advisor: Eric Anderson

STS Research

Fair Balance: FDA Regulation of Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising
Sarah Hansen
Project Advisor: Peter Norton

STS Research

Breast Cancer Imaging and Risk Perceptions: The Role of Media, Trust, and Control
Michele De Rieux
Project Advisor: Peter Norton