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Undergraduate Research and Design Symposium
May 1, 2013, Rice Hall Auditorium

Current Winners | Previous Winners

The Engineering School Undergraduate Research and Design Symposium is an annual presentation and selection of the best of the Undergraduate Research theses. Each finalist in the competition delivers a 15-minute oral presentation, and four awards are given at the end of the symposium. The awards are first, second, third place.

Listed below are the finalists, the winners, and the members of the selection committee from 2013

First Place

Bailey Risteen

Title: “Marine Aerosol Drop Size Effects on the Corrosion Behavior of Plain Carbon Steel”
Major: Chemical Engineering
Technical Advisor and Department: Robert Kelly, Materials Science and Engineering

Second Place

Matthew Weber
Title: “Imprecise Computing: Introducing the Error Tolerant Balancing Adder”
Major: Computer Engineering/ Computer Science
Technical Advisor and Department: John Lach, Electrical and Computer Engineering
E&S Advisor: Patricia Click

Third Place

Tyler Brobst, Alyssa Long, and Jessica Ungerleider
Title: “The effect of neuron-glial antigen 2 on retinal microvascular remodeling in a murine model of chronic hypoxia”
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Technical Advisor and Department: Shayn Peirce-Cottler, Biomedical Engineering
E&S Advisors: Catherine Baritaud, Peter Norton

Selection Committee and Judges

2013 Selection Committee:
Carl Knospe, URDS Chair, Assoc. Prof., MAE
George Cahen, Professor, E&S
Lisa Colosi, Associate Professor, CEE
Bernard Fulgham, Lecturer, E&S
Andrew Grimshaw, Professor, CS
Archie Holmes, Professor, ECE
Kevin Janes, Assistant Professor, BME
James Lambert, Research Assoc. Professor, SIE
John Scully, Professor, MSE

2013 Symposium Judges:
Lindsay Burden, Research Associate, CEE
Joanna Curran , Associate Professor, CEE
Avik Ghosh, Assistant Professor, ECE
William A. Cassada, Retired Director of Research, Alcoa