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The Strategic Plan
School of Engineering Goals

Goal 1: Graduates Prepared for Leadership
  • 1.1 Increase impact of the graduate program
  • 1.2 Increase enrollment
  • 1.3 Increase internal funding for graduate students
  • 1.4 Create student community-building opportunities to stimulate innovation, collaboration and personal development
  • 1.5 Consolidate Engineering School-wide educational programs
  • 1.6 Ensure efficient, effective delivery of Engineering School educational programs
  • 1.7 Provide every undergraduate with a sustained, high-impact educational experience
  • 1.8 Strengthen rigor in technical courses while ensuring broad educational opportunities across U.Va.
  • 1.9 Engage alumni in educational programs
Goal Two: Research with Impact
  • 2.1 Increase faculty and graduate student scholarly productivity
  • 2.2 Increase opportunities for internal and external collaboration
  • 2.3 Recruit faculty that will leverage and enhance Engineering School research strengths
  • 2.4 Develop a fund to provide seed and matching funding for collaborative research
  • 2.5 Optimize impact and effectiveness of research centers
  • 2.6 Increase undergraduate student participation in research
Goal Three: Expand U.Va. School of Engineering Reach
  • 3.1 Establish a strategic relationship management capability
  • 3.2 Increase School of Engineering community outreach efforts
  • 3.3 Increase School of Engineering presence near key strategic partners
  • 3.4 Establish or enhance use of existing research centers to strengthen our relationships
  • 3.5 Establish a School of Engineering Advocacy Council to increase alumni engagement
Goal Four: Faculty and Staff Success
  • 4.1 Provide clarity of the School of Engineering vision, mission and core values
  • 4.2 Ensure that Engineering School policies and incentives encourage a culture of excellence
  • 4.3 Clarify roles and responsibilities and implement transparent decision-making processes
  • 4.4 Expand leadership development and professional-development programs for Engineering School faculty and staff
  • 4.5 Develop and fully utilize an integrated performance management system aligned with compensation and reward system
  • 4.6 Develop effective support staff capabilities for administrative, technical and research activities
Goal Five: Create a Model for Operational Excellence
  • 5.1 Revise the School of Engineering's organizational structure to align administrative and academic functions
  • 5.2 Implement an Activity-Based-Budgeting (ABB) financial model in the School of Engineering that aligns accountability and authority and that provides incentives for departments to achieve School of Engineering and departmental goals
  • 5.3 Maximize School of Engineering productivity
Goal Six: Resources for the Future
  • 6.1 Proactively engage in the implementation of an ABB-based financial system
  • 6.2 Secure Differential Tuition/Enrollment Growth/Institutional Investment
  • 6.3 Grow Research
  • 6.4 Enhance Development
  • 6.5 Explore new revenue-generating academic programs