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EPS Files for Use with Web

This page contains links to various versions of the official Engineering School Logo pictured at right. Which logo is right for your project will depend on whether you are printing to paper on coated or uncoated paper, whether you will need to manipulate the size of the logo or whether you wish to use the logo on the Web.

From this page you may go to pages that contain downloadable versions of the logo or you may choose the zip version of the image type and download the whole collection to your desktop.

File Types

  • EPS files are to be used if you intend to manipulate the size of the image.
  • JPG is a file format used for the Web and may be used for some print projects
  • PNG and GIF are file formats that are for use with the Web only
  • TIF is a file format that is used for print materials only.
EPS Collection JPG Collection TIF Collection    
EPS Uncoated JPG Uncoated TIF Uncoated    
EPS Coated JPG Coated TIF Coated    
EPS Web JPG Web   Gif Web PNG Web