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2006 REU Porjects
2006 REU Projects
2006 Participant: Hannah Xu
Project Title: Modeling and Designing Devices to Size-Sort Gas-Filled
Microbubble Preparations

Faculty Advisors:Michael Lawrence and Alexander Klibanov
Abstract: Fluid flow fractionation and axial cyclone approaches were analyzed as alternatives to flotation to narrow the size distribution of gas-filled microbubbles. Fluid flow fractionation via microbubble injections at nine infusion rates into a flexible horizontal FilterLine long tube was analyzed under parabolic flow profile. A flow chamber incorporating a height barrier was constructed using the parabolic flow dimensions at one of the nine infusion rates to separate the outlet stream into two regions: an outlet for microbubbles with diameter < 5?m and an outlet for microbubbles with diameter > 5?m. Axial cyclone modeling was considered as an alternative way to determine the penetration of microbubbles at varying diameters given the relative particle radial position of microbubble injection into the cyclone inlet. A paired two sample two-tailed t-test on the before and after number percentage of microbubbles in the 6-10?m diameter range was obtained. Statistical analysis on the nine infusion rate data at this diameter range confirms the efficacy of the long tube concept. Constructing and modeling of the flow chamber and axial cyclone were discussed.
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