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2006 REU Porjects
2006 REU Projects
2006 Participant: Deborah Hernandez
Project Title: Evaluation of Crash Rates and Casual Factors for Rural and Urban Two-Lane Highways in Virginia

Faculty Advisor:Nicholas J. Garber, PhD
In 2003 in Virginia, there were 94,770 crashes including 726 fatal crashes, which resulted in 799 total fatalities on highways under the jurisdiction of the Virginia Department of Transportation. This graph shows that Virginia crashes rates continue to be higher every year. Motor vehicle crashes affect our citizens, particularly our youth, more than any crime. Due to the continuing presence of relatively high crash rates on two-lane highways in Virginia, the Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC) and graduate students from the Civil Engineering Department are working on a research project to identify causal factors of crashes on two-lane highways and corresponding effective countermeasures that will significantly reduce these crashes.
Understanding the factors associated with these crashes enables engineers to identify and implement effective countermeasures to reduce the probability of crashes. It is also important that the community increase ownership and participation in road safety; this will help us reduce accidents and crashes that could result in fatalities.
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