Past REU Participants & Project Pages

2004 REU Participants, Institution, Project Title & Faculty Advisor:

Lydia Shawel Abebe, 3rd Year (University of Virginia: Systems Engineering), "Materials Balance of Municipal Sanitation Services of Albemarle County and Charlottesville City," Advisor: Garrick Louis.

Izuakolam Ekeleme Akamiro, 2nd Year (UVa: Biomedical Engineering ), "Electrostatic Spinning of a Novel Polyphosphazene for Biomedical Application ," Advisors: Cato Laurencin & Joseph Freeman.

Joy Chang, 3rd Year (Georgetown University: Health Studies), "Self-Organizing Biotemplates for Nanoelectronic Fabrication," Advisors: Michael Reed and Whye-Kei Lye.

Yuen Cho, 4th Year (UC San Diego: Biomedical Engineering), "Development of Nano-scale Pattern for Cell Adhesion," Advisor: Brian Helmke.

Stephen Jay Guy, 3rd Year (UVa: Computer Science), "Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of Laser-induced Phase Transformations in Molecular Solids and Metals," Advisor: Leo Zhigilei.

Marquita Janine Henderson, 4th Year (UVa: Electrical Engineering), "Quantitative Assessment of Cartliage Volume in the Ankle Joint Using MR Imaging," Advisors: Scott Acton & Jinshan Tang.

Eudanie Joseph, 4th Year (Stony Brook University: Materials Science and Engineering), "Nanofabrication Using the Focused Ion Beam," Advisors: Robert Hull & Nathan Swami.

Rebekah Neal, 4th Year (Georgie Institute of Technology: Biomedical Engineering), "Osteoblast Growth on Nanostructured 50:50 PLAGA Scaffolds in Statis and Dynamic Culture," Advisor: Ed Botchwey.

Aleks Ontman, 4th Year (Binghamton University: Electrical Engineering), "3-D Modeling of TiC Particles in Amorphous Steel," Advisor: Gary Shiflet.

Courtney Angel Paulding, 2nd Year (UVa: Biomedical Engineering), "The Effects of Nano-etched Surfaces on Osteoblast Differentiation," Advisor: Ed Botchwey.

Mario Daniel Sanchez, 3rd Year (UC, Berkeley: Materials Science), "Pulsed Laser Deposition of GaAs-GaSb Nanoparticles," Advisor: William Jesser.

Caville Stanbury, 3rd Year (Sweet Briar College: Physics), "Cross-Sectional Image Investigation of Metallic Glass Formation of Irridiated Al-Ce-Co," Advisor: James Fitzgerald.

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