Past REU Participants & Project Pages

2003 REU Participants, Institution, Project Title & Faculty Advisor:

Lisa Cemke, 4th Year (University of Wisconsin: Mechanical Engineering), "Bacteria Encapsulation in Sol-Gel Films," Advisor: Pam Norris.

Russell Cote, 3rd Year (Longwood University: Physics), "Fabrication of Room Temperature Magnetic Cellular Automata through Mocrocontact Printing," Advisor: Robert Hull.

Adam DiNardo, 4th Year (Penn State University: Engineering Science), "Phase Segregation in Silicon-Germanium Clusters," Advisor: Leo Zhigelei.

Gayle Duncan, 4th Year (University of Abertay, Dundee, Scotland: Biological Science), "Mechanotransmission of Localized Extracellular Forces in the Endothelial Cells on Patterned Surfaces," Advisor: Brian Helmke.

Darin El-Agib, 4th Year (University of Virginia: Chemical Engineering), "Drug Delivery System/Cell-Peptide Interactions," Advisor: Michael Lawrence.

Laura Hammet, 4th Year (University of Miami: Biomedical/Electrical Engineering), "Vascular Response to Mechanical Stimuli: Effects of External Loads and Strain," Advisor: Tom Skalak.

Lan Nguyen, 4th Year (University of Virginia: Chemical Engineering), "Electrodeposition of Metal Patterns on Silicon," Advisor: Jack Hudson. Returning REU 2002 participant.

Esther Okezie, 4th Year (University of Virginia: Mechanical Engineering), "Development of Metal Cehydrogenation Catalysts for the Disruption of Carcinogens," Advisor: James Fitz-Gerald.

Jeremy Schubert, 4th Year (University of Virginia: Chemical Engineering), "Preliminary Development of a Mechanical Model to Replicate Hemodynamic Strains on Endothelial Cells in Vitro," Advisor: Brett Blackman.

Robert Wortman, 4th Year (Purdue University: Electrical Engineering), "Directed Self-Assembly of Magnetic Metal Oxide Nanostructures," Advisor: James Groves. Returning REU 2002 participant.

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