Project View

Project View is a program designed to provide underrepresented students in engineering with the opportunity to visit corporations for 1-4 days to learn more about their facility as well as the various engineering opportunities/positions. It gives students a better understanding of any engineering field. The participants are mentored by either engineers, administrators, or project managers. Students are matched with companies according to their majors, interests, and geographical locations. Project View is considered an outstanding retention tool because students are able to see and understand how engineering applies to the work force.

Companies assume the full expense of round trip travel for each student from the students' home to the company location, including room and board during the visit (however, this can be negotiated with the student and/or the Director of the CDE). Matches are based on the interest of the company (majors and other qualifications are to be specified on the request form).

  Project View is an observational experience, therefore, students are not paid. (Although the time period of 1-4 days offers little opportunity for major tasks, mini projects should be assigned.)

Companies assign a representative to each student and provide a detailed description of their business and kinds of jobs available for students with engineering degrees. They also indicate which dates are available for the students to visit them on the request form.

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