RET Broader Impacts:
School, Disctrict, State, National, and International Dissemination

Virginia Journal of Science Education has accepted three RET articles by peer review for the Fall/Winter 2011-12 issue of the journal:

  • “Nanotechnology: A Study of Atomic Level Simulations in Materials for STEM Curriculum”, by 2010 RET participant Randy Applegate.
  • “Twiddlefish: A STEM Curriculum for Elementary Students,” by 2010/2011 RET participant Carrie Lewis.

The UVA RET program will soon be disseminating results internationally! Ritu Linhart was accepted in October for a presentation of her RET work at the “International Conference on Frontiers of NanoScience, Nanotechnology and Their Applications” (NanoSciTech), to be held at Panjab University in Chandigarh, India from February 15-18, 2012.

Fall 2011 Broader Impacts

  • August, 2011: Carrie Lewis presented “Twiddlefish” module at Randolph Macon College to fellow K-12 STEM teachers and leaders from the State Council for Higher Education in Virginia (SCHEV) and the Virginia Department of Education. Out of the 150 teachers who presented as a part of this “science as inquiry” symposium, Carrie was selected by SCHEV for a follow-up classroom visit on November 2, with a 2-hour observation of Ms. Lewis' 2011 RET biomechanics/orthotics module performed by SCHEV's Director of Academic Services Darlene Derricott.
  • September, 2011: Ritu Linhart received a Second Place Award for Outstanding Poster Presentation
    at NanoFlorida™, the Fourth Annual Nanoscience Technology Symposium hosted by Florida International University, for her presentation entitled “Biofunctionalization of Electrospun poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) Nanofibers for Improved Pancreatic Islet Transplantation.” 
  • October, 2011: Carrie Lewis receives publication grant from the the Lynchburg Educational Foundation, for publication of a classroom set of the “choose your own adventure” book that was developed by the 2011 RET participants as part of their course, “Societal and Ethical Dimensions of Nanotechnology.” The 60-page book is entitled Small Voices, Big Choices: A Choose Your Own Nano-adventure, and was written to target upper-elementary students.  The classroom set of books will be printed and piloted in a Virginia elementary school in Spring 2012.  
  • Brandon Lee delivered a presentation entitled “STEMMS: The Holistic Use of STEM Integrated with Modeling & Simulation,” utilizing his 2011 environmental engineering RET project, at the Albemarle County “Making Connections” conference on October 10.

Diana Webber adapts her high school module for elementary students:
In August 2011, Ms. Webber adapted the gait analysis/biomechanics module developed for her Northumberland County high school biology courses to an elementary presentation for a fourth grade class in Prince Edward County Schools.

Orthotics Lesson 1  Orthotics Lesson 2  Orthotics Lesson 3
Images from Biomechanics and Orthotics Lesson, Prince William County Elementary
(all photo permissions obtained).

RET participants show posters at the National RET Network Poster Session:
National Science Teachers Association Conference, San Fransisco. March 2011

Carrie Lewis (left) had the distinction of being the only elementary-school RET participant who part of the
National RET Network session. Denise Oppenhagen (right) explains her project during the poster session.

Carrie Lewis at NSTA Denise Oppenhagen at NSTA

Randy Applegate Featured in the Hampton Daily Press, February 2011
Randy Applegate Article

Carrie Lewis presents RET Project "Twiddlefish Robotics" at
15th Annual Virginia Children's Engineering Convention, Richmond. February 24, 2011

RET participant Debbie Putney also presented two sessions at the convention, "Creating a STEM Academy" and "Creating Design Briefs that Fit Your Curriculum." Carrie Lewis presented a second workshop, "Putting the 'E' in STEM," during the convention.

Images: Carrie shares images of the students at work on their robotic Twiddlefish. All photo permissions obtained.
(At right) Students test their Twiddlefish. (Below, left to right) Showing off a fish/boat/motor design; Carrie with students working on construction; proud student shows off the complete fish/boat/motor.

Students run water tests
Student shows his design blueprint. Carrie Lewis & students work on construction Proud student shows his complete Twiddlefish boat!

RET 2010 Groups Delivers "Teachers as Researchers" Presentation
at Virginia Association of Science Teachers PDI Conference. November, 2010

On Saturday, November 20, 2010 RET Program Administrators and six participants from the 2010 summer program presented at the VAST PDI annual conference, held at Hampton Roads, VA.

Randy Applegate, Gloucester High
Carrie Lewis, Dearington Elementary
Ritu Linhart, Coral Glades High Denise Oppenhagen, Rippon Middle
Debbie Putney, Pocahontas Elementary
Karla Sharrer, Salem High

VAST Conference Group
UVA 2010 Summer RET Participants
Teachers as Researchers Session Description:
NSF's Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program sponsors K-12 teachers for a summer of conducting research in a UVA STEM laboratory. Participants use their research as a spring-board for developing innovative SOL-related teaching kits and materials. RET 2010 participants will present exciting teaching modules developed for elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. Demos will include nanotechnology, mechanical, biomedical, & environmental engineering lessons. Join us to discover cutting-edge teaching materials for your classroom.
Diana Webber and RET Graduate Mentors Featured on the
Nourthumberland County Schools Home Page, Fall 2010.
Diana Weber Highlight

RET 2010 Participants are also strongly encouraged
to submit their Teaching Modules to the national repository,

>RET 2010 Projects

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