2010 RET Participants & Projects
(Listed Alphbetically by Department, Grouped by Faculty Mentor)
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RET 2010 Group
UVA 2010 Summer RET Participants
Biomedical Engineering  
Edward Botchwey, Faculty Mentor
Ritu Linhart
(Coral Glades High School, 9-12 Chemistry)
“Electrospun Nanofibers Blended with Oxygen Sensing Boron
Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering Applications”
Ritu Linhart
Shayn Peirce-Cottler, Faculty Mentor
Jessika Fancher
(Hampton High School, 9-12 Biology )
“Role of EphrinB2 Reverse Signaling in Pathological
Retinal Neovascularization”
Jessika Fancher
Rob Smith
(Gainesville Middle, 6-8 Earth, Life & Physical Sciences & Math)
“Alginate Beads as a Method to Simulate Nanoparticles
for Drug Delivery”
Rob Smith

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Andres Clarens, Faculty Mentor
Debbie Putney
(Pocahantas Elementary School,
Multi-age Classrooms K-1, 1-2, 1-2-3 & “STEM academy”)
ALGAE: A Likely Gasoline Additive for the Environment”

Karla Sharrer
(Salem High School, 9-12 Earth & Physical Sciences)
“Evaluating CO2 Leakage from Sequestration Sites
Using Column Studies”
Karla Sharrer
 Electrical & Computer Engineering  
Avik Ghosh, Faculty Mentor
Sundar Thirukkurungudi
(Loudoun County Academy of Science School,
9-12 Integrated Sciences & Mathematics)
“Effect of Insulator Thickness on an MTJ Model &
Pedagogical Bridges for Nanotech Concepts”
Sundar Thirukkurungudi
Materials Science Engineering  
Leonid Zhigilei, Faculty Mentor
Randy Applegate
(Gloucester High School,
9-12 Technical, Architectural, & Engineering Drawing)
“Computational Modeling of Atomic Mixing
and Defects with Laser Interactions”
Randy Applegate

Mechanical Engineering

Costin Untaroiu, Faculty Mentor
Tamara Ingalls
(Bull Runn Middle School, 8th Grade Physical Sciences)
“Development of a Geometric Model of a Human Rib”

Tamara Ingalls
Denise Oppenhagen
(Rippon Middle School, 8th Grade Physical Sciences)
“Crash Testing Newton”
Denise Oppenhagen
Silvia Blemker, Faculty Mentor
Carrie Lewis
(Dearington Elementary School for Innovation 2-5 Math/Science)
“Investigating Ray Architectural Form and Function
with  Resultant Biomechanical Model”
Carrie Lewis
Kelly Scott
(Shelburne Middle, 6th Grade Science)
“Biomechanical  Engineering in the Multiscale Muscle Lab”
Kelly Scott
Diana Webber
(Northumberland High, 9-12 Biology)
“Variability in Muscle-Tendon Morphology”
Diana Webber


Steven Thornton, Faculty Mentor
Beth Evans
(Sutherland Middle School, 6 & 8 Science)
“Maximizing Energy Efficiency: Models for
Superhydrophobic Coatings on Wind Turbines”

Beth Evans

Systems & Information Engineering

Stephanie Guerlain, Faculty Mentor
Susan Smith
(Kentuck Elementary, Pre-K & K Math & Science)
“Designing Curricula through Human-Computer Interface Research”

Susan Smith
Joel Whatley
(Osbourn High School, 9-12 Mathematics)
“Developing Curricula through Human-Computer Interfaces”
Joel Whatley

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