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2009 RET Activities
2009 Participant: Ritu Linhart

Project Title:
Oxygen-Sensing Nanofiber Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications

Murray RA, Neal RA, Botchwey EA
Transplantation, diabetes treatment, and wound healing depend on the level of oxygen present in the system. Sensing the relative level of oxygen would aid in determining the efficiency of these treatments. However, the technology available to measure real-time oxygen levels in tissues is currently limited. A new class of difluoroboron dibenzoylmethane complexes exhibit unusual luminescent properties that allow these complexes to serve as oxygen sensing probes. These probes were incorporated into nanofiber scaffolds for tissue engineering applications. The method used to fabricate the nanofiber scaffolds is an established process of electrospinning. The change in fiber morphology in simulated physiological conditions were assessed.
  • Electrospun 50:50 PLAGA blended with BF2dbmPCL-PLA dye to create nanofiber scaffolds
  • Loaded and unloaded scaffolds degraded rapidly in simulated in vivo settings
    • Revise polymer selection
    • Revise electrospinning settings
  • Need emission spectra for all degradation samples

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