Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Job Search

Traditional Job Search

A traditional job search consists of searching for and applying to advertised jobs by means of:

These job search methods are valueable tools and you are encouraged to use all of these types of resources. However, keep in mind that only 20% of job openings are actually posted. The pool of candidates will be much larger for these advertised opportunities. Networking is the most successful means for gaining employment! Use a nontraditional job search approach to help.

Non-Traditional Job Search

Networking requires patience as it will not always result in immediate results, however 80% of all positions are found this way. It also requires that you be assertive when talking to potential employers or networking contacts.

Contact Specific Employers
Use employer names/contact information that you gain through networking. You may learn about employment opportunties that are not advertised or those that are just becoming available.

  • Use company contacts you collect from career fairs
  • Let our office help you identify companies

 Informational Interviews