Parents Introduction

The role of the Center for Engineering Career Development is to serve the engineering student population through professional advising and counseling. We assist your student in identifying their strengths and interests to help them gain confidence and competence as they plan for their future. The services we provide are available to engineering students at all academic levels and relate to career self-management processes in order to prepare students to make sound and ethical career decisions throughout their professional careers.

Engineering Career Development provides comprehensive career development services for all engineering students from first year through graduate level, including engineering alumni. We begin encouraging students to prepare for their professional career in their first year. We strongly believe that all graduates should have a strategy in place to ensure that they will have either a career-related internship or cooperative experience prior to graduation.

The myth among students is that a career office is strictly focused on assisting graduating students with the full-time job search process. Although this is one of our services, we are truly invested in the development of the whole student, regardless of academic level, regardless of their aspirations after college. Our services are designed to help the student learn more about themselves and to assist them in making decisions about their plans for the future. We recongize this can be a complex and confusing process for students on top of the demands from a rigourous academic curriculum.

As a parent member, your assistance is critical to the mission of our office. Although we place a heavy emphasis on outreach efforts to our student, it is important that you encourage your student to take advantage of our services and resources.