Job Search
There are several different ways of conducting a job search. We recommend utilizing a variety of approaches based on your personal interest, industry area, and geographic preference.

As a UVA student, we highly recommend that you first start by registering on Handshake.

Note that while Handshake is a popular and user-friendly means for conducting a job search, only 36% of the U.Va. Engineering reported job offers from the class of 2011 were a result of using Handshake (18% from job listings and an additional 18% from Handshake job postings affiliated with the On-Grounds Interviewing program).

Steps in Your Job Search

Traditional Job Search

    A traditional job search consists of searching for and applying to advertised jobs by means of:

Non-Traditional Job Search

These job search methods are valuable tools and you are encouraged to use all of these types of resources. However, keep in mind that only 20% of job openings are actually posted. The pool of candidates will be much larger for these advertised opportunities. Networking is the most successful means for gaining employment! Use a non-traditional job search approach to help.

Networking requires patience as it will not always result in immediate opportunities, however approximately 80% of all positions are found this way. If you can effectively and professionally communicate your interests and skills to others, they can provide you with referrals and advice to advance your job search. Your network includes everyone you know, such as family members and friends, professors, advisors, supervisors, and the people that they know.

Contact Specific Employers
Use employer names/contact information that you gain through networking. You may learn about employment opportunities that are not advertised or those that are just becoming available.

Informational Interviews
Informational interviews are conversations you have with people who work in your career field of interest. By "interviewing" experienced professionals, you gain insights into career paths you could follow, companies that work in your field, and ways to gain experience.

Volunteering can provide you with valuable skill sets and contacts, both of which can aid in a job search.