Interview Preparation

Mock Interviews

Interviewing is an interactive process that allows you, the candidate, and your interviewer, the employer, an opportunity to meet, exchange information, and evaluate whether or not there's a fit between you both.

In order to interview successfully, prepare in advance. Conduct in-depth research about the organization.Read the job description carefully and note the skills required in the ideal candidate. Use this information to analyze your interests, skills, and values, and how they compare to the organization's needs. For each skill required, think about how you gained that skill and how you've demonstrated it. For each item on your resume, be prepared to talk about what you did and its significance. Review sample interview questions and consider how you might answer them.

The best way to succeed in an interview is to practice and to go in prepared. Our office offers 45 minute mock interviews to help you practice and gain confidence in your interviewing skills. A career counselor will conduct the interview and provide you with feedback and a critique of your interviewing skills. Mock interviews provide you with hands-on experience in the art of interviewing, and you can expect to receive feedback on your strengths and areas needing improvement. Stop by or call our office to schedule an appointment. Advanced scheduling of mock interviews is appreciated.

Interviewing Resources