Faculty Introduction

Get to Know Us

We would like to introduce our office to you in hopes of forging a closer working relationship with the Faculty in U.Va. Engineering. Although we have worked closely with many of you over the years, we would like to reintroduce our office and share with the entire faculty information on many of the services we provide to Engineering students. Our hope is to work together to help students identify their career interests and passions and assist them in achieving satisfaction with their career goals. 


This online system contains the following modules:

  • Student Resume Database
  • On-Grounds Interviewing Program
  • Online Job & Internship Postings

We would be happy to offer a tutorial if you have questions about this system.

Recruiting Statistics

View our annual reports.

Career Fairs

Learn about our career fairs.

Each company lists the recruiting contact for their organization and they would love to hear from faculty! We encourage your involvement in career day so that you have current information to help in advising your students. Employers always welcome the opportunity to speak with faculty.

Don't Cancel That Class

We can conduct presentations to the classes you teach and the student organizations you advise about a host of career-related topics. In addition, we can arrange presentations by professionals (many of them U.Va. Engineering alumni), who can relate their experiences and how their major has helped them in their careers. If you need to or are considering canceling a class, just contact us and we can schedule a presentation instead. Please contact us and let us know what career related topic you think would be most relevant to your class. Some topics include:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator: Looking at Careers and Your Personality Type
  • Creating a Winning Resume
  • Tips for Interviewing
  • How to Find a Job or Internship

Alumni Networking Database

UCAN (University Career Assistance Network) is a database of more than 18,000 alumni who have offered to give career information to students and alumni. You can use UCAN to find advice by career area and to contact U.Va. alumni for individual guidance. You can also sign up with UCAN to give career advice to others. This database is managed by the UVA Alumni Association. If you are not already familiar with this resource, let us know and we would be happy to orient you to this database.

Career Advising For Your Students

You are busy. You see students daily and know their needs and questions. We try to connect with busy students but often have difficulty. If students come to you asking for career advise, resume or interview help or if they have a need for a presentation, please know that you can refer them to Engineering Career Development. We are a resource for faculty too!

Services we already provide for students include:

  • Resume Walk-in Hours
  • Mock Interviews
  • Personality Assessments
  • Internship Resources
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Job Outlook, Salary and Employment Trend Information

If you have an idea for a career development related program or service, we want to know about it and we can work to tailor a program for you.

How Can You Reach Us?

Our offices are located in A113, 114 and 115 in Thornton Hall. Our e-mail address is engineeringcareers@virginia.edu