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Education Abroad can be one of the most rewarding, thrilling, challenging, and memorable experiences you have at UVA. While students explore these opportunities for many reasons, any experience will help provide you with new world views, cultural perspectives, personal growth, and hopefully a new contextual understanding of your educational field.

As an engineer, you may think that it is more difficult to incorporate an international experience into your education. But you can do it! This website will provide you with the resources you need to find an existing UVA program with classes for your major and minor, find a free semester for the experience of your choice, or create your own program just for you.

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Steps to Success

For SEAS students, the key is starting early. Below are the steps to pursue an international experience in the E-School. The world is your oyster!

1. View the Education Abroad Workshop

The first step you must take is to complete a mandatory Education Abroad Workshop (EAW). The EAW is designed to provide students with the "big picture" of study abroad and to give students an overview of how to get started. Students will gain an understanding of program options, how to use the Study Abroad website to search for and apply to programs, advice on using your personal and academic goals to select a program, and access to a variety of resources.

2. Meet With an Education Abroad Advisor and Major Advisor

After reviewing the engineering Major Advising Sheet (MAS) and narrowing down your options based on your goals, academics, and courses needed, schedule a meeting with the appropriate Education Abroad Advisor for each program you are interested in. In addition, it is a good idea to meet with your department's advisor to discuss which program might be right for you, which U.Va. courses you should take abroad, and when would be a good time to study abroad. For more information, look at the resources resources page.

3. Select a Program

There are a variety of available study abroad programs for engineering students. For example, you can select a semester-long exchange program, or a third party provider program. There are also several short-term U.Va. engineering programs offered in the winter and summer terms.

You can explore all of the engineering programs on the International Studies Office website here.

4. Stay on Track

Once you've chosen a potential program, there are several steps necessary to complete before you can actually study abroad. Make sure you follow all of the steps in your online education abroad application through the ISO. Once you have completed a step, each item will automatically show up as checked off. Additionally, you can refer to the Post Workshop Checklist and the dates and deadlines of your specific program.

Note: Students who study abroad must be academically eligible. For more information visit the ISO webpage with eligibility details.