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technology leaders program

Instructional Resources

This section is dedicated to providing interested faculty with an overview of the details of the Technology Leaders Program, specifically the teaching materials that relate to the program. Under this section, you will find information about the various courses and labs that TLP students enroll in the Courses page. In the Publications page, you will see a list of papers and posters that have been published relating to the program and its concept of interdisciplinary engineering education. The Resources page provides instructors with the instructional materials used in the courses and labs of the TLP. All links are posted here, but you can also navigate to these resource pages on the Quick Links menu on the right.


The Courses page lists each TLP-related course, lab, and Capstone. Just navigate over to the Courses page, and click on any of the Course boxes to see information about the course. You will also find course syllabi and course material links here.


The Publications page includes some of the published papers and posters relating to TLP. Each publication is tagged with a TLP keyword, a defining characteristic of what TLP stands for, so you can filter out publications based on what interests you. For some publications, you will be able to view the abstract as well as the full paper on an external link.


The Resources page contains all the various instructional materials used in the TLP courses. The resources are organized by course, but similar to the publications page, you can also filter materials by engineering topics: Electrical/Computer, Mechanical, Systems Engineering, or Design.

History of the TLP

The Technology Leaders Program was founded in 2008.