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technology leaders program

Design Studio+

The TLP has access to and provides a variety of facilities for design. Our "Design Studio" is an ever-changing and developing set of resources and spaces -- hence the "+". The best way to get into the spirit of our design spaces is to check out the Tubmlr TLP Design Studio page that shows recent developments.

TLP Design Studio Tumblr page

Inspired by design firms and books such as Make Space, we are taking big strides to fleshing out the design capabilities available to students at UVa. We document and share all we can via our TLP Design Studio Tumblr page.

Rice 120 Lacy Design Studio

We outfitted the Rice 120 Lacy Design Studio for use by all Introduction to Engineering (ENGR 1620) students. Included are:

  • 4 Afinia 3d printers -- Afinia 3D printer instructions
  • Prototyping bins filled with materials for quick ideation-oriented prototyping
  • A Silhouette Die-cutter for 2d prototyping -- Silhouette die-cutter instructions
  • Foam and foamwork tools
  • A soldering and electronics workstation
  • Our customized z-rack whiteboards
  • Tools and a Parts Cart with a random collection of materials

Old Reactor/OMERF Fabrication Studio

The ultimate in out-of-the-way-so-we-can-prototype-what-we-want spaces, the Fabrication studio has more robust capabilities for woodworking and electronics prototyping. Directions to this space.