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technology leaders program

Design Integration Minor Curriculum

The TLP curriculum is formalized as the Design Integration Minor, which is composed of:

  1. An integrated sequence of courses
  2. An ECE elective course
  3. The TLP Learning Community (the TLC)
This set of requrements is described below and is also available mapped onto the requrements of each major:

1. Take the following integrated sequence of courses:

Second Year Courses
  • Fall term: All students take SYS 2001.
  • Spring term: All students take SYS 2048: Introduction to Electromechanical Systems
Third Year Courses
  • Fall term: All students take MAE 4710 (Mechatronics).
  • Spring term: All students take SYS 3048 Integrated Systems Design.

Fourth Year Courses

The entire fourth year is for the capstone project.
  • Fall term: SYS and ME students enroll in SYS 4053 and 4055. ECE students enroll in ECE 4907
  • Spring term: SYS and ME students enroll in SYS 4054. ECE students enroll in ECE 4908.

2. Take an ECE elective (term taken depends on major):

Starting with the Class of 2016, all students need to take ECE 2630 or ECE 2330. For EE and CpE students, these courses are required for their major. For SYS students, the best term for this is likely fall of second year. For ME students, take these whenever works best, but do note that you will have one fewer class to take than your ME peers in spring of your third year (because you will take mechatronics in fall of your third year). Class of 2015: SYS students could take MAE 2000 instead, ME students were not required to take an ECE course.

3. Enroll in the TLP Learning Community every term (6 in total)

Students will take SYS 2055 for 5 of the 6 temrs that they are in the TLP. For the remaining sixth term (can be taken at any point), students will enroll in SYS 2056. SYS 2056 is the same as SYS 2055 with an additional assignment being to prepare a short report about their TLP internship experience. Students can choose to take SYS 2056 for any one term as long as it is after they had a TLP-related internship.

TLP Internships
TLP students are required to complete at least one internship or summer research experience focused on issues related to integrating electrical and computer components into integrated systems. Students are responsible for finding an internship or research experience on their own, but we do a lot to help this process. The main assistance is given through TLP Internship Partners, who come to speak at the TLP Learning Community and recruit from the TLP students.

With respect to summer research experiences, which would be a good match for TLP students looking to go to graduate school, talk to any of the TLP faculty about how to get involved. In addition, TLP students should look at the National Science Foundation’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) programs. These programs are designed for undergraduates to gain research experience during the summer and typically provide a housing allowance and a stipend. NSF has a good search page for REU programs. Many REU programs would be good fits for TLP students, so check these out.

Additional Information

See Curriculum for Classes 2014 and prior here