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technology leaders program

Quote of the Day:
"Ask not what the TLP can do for you. Ask what you can do for the TLP." - Professor Bailey

Interdisciplinary. Design. Collaboration.
Integration. Data. Innovation. Technology.

These are some of the words that provide a foundation for the Technology Leaders Program (TLP), an interdisciplinary undergraduate program focused on developing engineering leaders who can bring both a top-down systems perspective and bottom-up component perspective to the problems they face: problems that are increasingly complex and require solutions that are responsive to rapidly changing needs.

The TLP is home to the Design Integration Minor, an integrated, interdisciplinary learning experience for engineering students preparing them to work on teams designing, prototyping, and implementing complex systems.

Students in the TLP gain foundational knowledge from Systems and Information engineering (top-down perspective) and domain-specific fields such as Electrical, Computer, and Mechanical engineering (bottom-up perspective) in route to a major in one of these fields. In addition, they gain multiple opportunities to integrate their knowledge of these fields through hands-on TLP courses, the TLP Learning Community, and internships with TLP-partnered companies.