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Science and Technology Policy Minor

Science, technology, engineering, and government are intertwined. Federal, state, local, and foreign governments shape science and technology in a variety of ways, including through grants, contracts, regulations, and foreign policy. Science and engineering reshape governments in turn by supplying tools and expertise and, indirectly, by transforming social and economic structures.

This minor equips students with the basic skills to understand those interactions. It requires 18 credits. Along with core courses in politics and economics, all students take a course in science and technology policy designed for this minor. Three electives--from fields such as history, philosophy, and planning as well as politics and economics—deepen and broaden students’ education.

Students completing this minor will gain a deeper understanding of the interdependence of science, technology, engineering, and policy. They will also prepare themselves to lead organizations inside and outside of government, including those in industry, consulting, law, and medicine.

Requirements: three core courses plus three electives. If a course appears on both core and elective lists, a student must designate which requirement that course will fulfill (no double counting). No more than two electives may be from economics (ECON). No more than one elective may be a 100-level course. Students may petition to add courses to the electives list by submitting the course syllabus and a cover memo to the minor coordinator.

  1. Core: introduction to politics. One of these:
    • PLAP 1010 Introduction to American Politics
    • PLCP 1010 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  2. Core: introduction to economics.
    • Econ 2020 Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics
  3. Core: science and technology policy.
    • STS 2620 Science and Technology Public Policy
    • STS 3020 Science and Technology Policy for Interns
  4. Standard elective in science and technology policy
  5. Standard elective in science and technology policy
  6. Standard elective in science and technology policy or alternative elective in politics and policy more broadly.

Standard electives in science and technology policy:
COMM 3800 Business, Government, and Society
COMM 3880 Global Sustainability
COMM 4560 Managing Sustainability in the Developing World
ECON 2010 Principles of Economics: Microeconomics
ECON 4160 (3) Economics of Health
EVSC 4030 (3) Environmental Policymaking in the United States
HIUS 2711 American Environmental History
PHIL 2720 (3) Bioethics: A Philosophical Perspective
PHIL 3650 (3) Justice and Health Care
PLAN 1030 (3) Introduction to Urban and Environmental Planning
PLAN 5830 (3) Environmental Policy and Planning
STS 2010 (3) Thomas Jefferson’s Interest in Science and Technology
STS 2060 (3) American Environmental History
STS 2070 (3) Utopias and the Technological Society
STS 2081 (3) Making of the Machine Age: Technology in American Society 1890-1990
STS 2100 (3) Technology and Social Change in 19th Century America
STS 2140 Earth Systems Technology and Management
STS 2160 Intellectual Property, Engineering, and Society
STS 3020 Science and Technology Policy for Interns
STS 4110 The Business of New Product Development

Alternative electives in politics and policy more broadly:
COMM 465(3) Business, Politics, and Culture in the European Union
ECON 4200 (3) Antitrust Policy
ECON 4210 (3) International Trade: Theory and Policy
HIEA 3151 (3) East Asia-American Politics in the 20th Century
HIUS 2061 (3) American Economic History
PHIL 1730 (3) Introduction to Moral and Political Philosophy
PLAP 3190 Judicial Process and Policy-Making
PLAP 3220 President and Congress
PLAP 3310 (3) American Presidency
PLAP 3610 (3) Introduction to Public Administration
PLAP 4380 (3) The Politics of the Policy Process
PLAP 4710 (3) Values, Resources and Public Policy
PLAP 4141 (3) Sex Differences: Biology, Culture, Politics, and Policy
PLAP 4920 (3) Judicial Policymaking
PLCP 2010 (3) The Politics of Advanced Industrialized Countries
PLCP 2120 (3) The Politics of Developing Areas
PLCP 4150 (3) Comparative Public Policy
PLCP 8511 (3) Topics in the Government and Politics of Western Europe
PLCP 5610 (3) Politics of China
PLCP 4730 (3) Politics of Japan
PLCP 5630 (3) Politics of Vietnam
PLCP 4810 (3) Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa
PLCP 4830 (3) Modern South African Politics
PLIR 3110 (3) International Law: Principles and Politics
PLIR 3600 (3) Political Economy of Asia
PLIR 4380 (3) America in a World Economy
RELG 2650 (3) Theology, Ethics and Medicine

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