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U.Va. Engineers PRODUCED in Virginia

* * * * NOTE: Engineers PRODUCED in Virginia has been discontinued. Applications are no longer being accepted to the program. * * * *

Students considering the PRODUCED program frequently ask for insight into the on-line learning environment and the technology platform used by the program.  They may have some prior experience with “on-line” education, and they use plenty of modern information technology gadgets on a daily basis.  Still, they want to know what “on-line” and “technology-based learning” is all about in the PRODUCED context.
The following two videos are intended to help students to understand the state-of-the-art educational environment built by U.Va. to support them as they prepare for professional careers in engineering.

The PRODUCED Program Learning Environment

The PRODUCED Program Technology Platform

The exact format of our courses varies from class to class.  Some of our classes are fully on-line where every student in a class (those on-campus and those at a distance) is connected into the class from their personal computer.  To see what those class sessions look (and feel) like, please view the following extended video outtakes from a PRODUCED program course that links students at U.Va. with those from the Technical University of Dortmund (Germany) for live, interactive discussions about engineering in society.

An overview of fully on-line courses within PRODUCED

Examples of real-time interaction in fully on-line courses within PRODUCED

In addition to questions about the PRODUCED educational environment, prospective students want to know if employers are hiring current PRODUCED program students.  Read the following articles to find out. 

The PRODUCED program connects students with engineering work experience

Students Connect to a U.Va. Degree While Remaining in their Virginia Communities

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Consider the Engineers PRODUCED in Virginia Program (Southwest Virginia)

Consider the Engineers PRODUCED in Virginia Program (Southside Virginia)