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U.Va. Engineers PRODUCED in Virginia

* * * * NOTE: Engineers PRODUCED in Virginia has been discontinued. Applications are no longer being accepted to the program. * * * *

Associate of Science in Engineering Degree

Many of the schools in the Virginia community college system now give students the opportunity to study towards their Associate of Science in Engineering degree (or equivalent). The Associate of Science in Engineering degree is a two-year program of study that prepares students to transfer into an engineering bachelor's degree program.

The engineering associate's degree prepares students for transfer to a four year engineering program like that offered by U.Va. The associate's degree delivers a rigorous program of study that includes math, science, engineering, writing, and social science / humanities courses typically encountered during the first two years of a four year bachelor of science in engineering degree program.

At present, it is possible to pursue community college engineering studies in the service regions of the following Virginia community colleges. To learn more about these opportunities, consider contacting your local community college directly.