U.Va. Engineers PRODUCED in Virginia

Engineers PRODUCED in Virginia is an academic outreach initiative of the U.Va. School of Engineering and Applied Science, in partnership with the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). Through this program, the Engineering School is reaching out to bring undergraduate engineering education to communities throughout Virginia.

The PRODUCED program is now available to students studying engineering at any of the schools within the VCCS. The program is also open to other Virginia residents who have completed two years of undergraduate engineering studies, equivalent to a VCCS associates degree.

Through the PRODUCED program, a student can earn an Associate of Science in Engineering degree (or equivalent) from their local community college and then a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Science from the University of Virginia, all without leaving their home community. That is, by enrolling in their local, participating community college, students can take the first steps towards becoming an undergraduate engineering student at the University of Virginia and ultimately earning their Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from U.Va.

Students are choosing to earn their bachelor’s degree in engineering through PRODUCED because the program is:

  • Less expensive than many other pathways to the degree
  • Facilitating access to summer and year-round engineering employment opportunities in community
  • Opening the door to professional networking opportunities with working engineers in community
  • Equipping students with global engineering skills through the program’s use of state-of-the-art communication and collaboration technologies
  • Offering access to global education experiences through:
    • live, interactive class sessions taught simultaneously to PRODUCED students and engineering students at overseas universities, and
    • via international study or research abroad experiences.

The PRODUCED program is an on-line, distributed education program intended to allow students to complete their undergraduate engineering studies in their home community.  Significant investments have made the vast majority of the program available on-line, including many laboratory activities.  Still, students enrolled at U.Va. as part of the program can expect to make a limited number of trips to Charlottesville for selected program activities.  When required, these visits are intended to better connect program participants with the people and physical resources of the university when such connections are considered vital to a PRODUCED program student’s intellectual development and success.  Examples of expected student visits to Charlottesville include a) initial program orientation prior to the first semester of classes, b) selected laboratory activities (e.g. the laboratory activities for ECE 3250 Electromechanical Energy Conversion),  c) two poster presentations that are part of the Advanced Independent Project portion of the curriculum, and d) participation in the university’s graduation ceremony.  The program helps students understand the exact timing of these visits as early as possible.

Development of the PRODUCED initiative has been financially supported by the University of Virginia, the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification Commission (grants 1699, 1931, and 2211), the National Science Foundation (DUE 0756846), and the Micron Foundation.

For more information about the Engineers PRODUCED in Virginia program, browse this site or contact James Groves, Engineering School Associate Dean for Online Innovation, at 434.924.6261 or jgroves@virginia.edu. To learn more about beginning your engineering studies at a Virginia community college, visit this page.

Visit here to view the dates of upcoming transfer information sessions at your community college.