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About the Engineering Science Program


Engineering Science is the only interdisciplinary degree offered by the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Virginia. Engineering Science allows students to select components and create an undergraduate degree that matches their career goals. The basic program requires at least one SEAS-approved minor in engineering paired with a second minor that can be in engineering, mathematics, or a natural science. A third component is an area of concentration, where other complementary technical courses are placed.


For students who may want to pursue an already established interdisciplinary program in a particular field, Engineering Science offers several options:  the popular Nanomedicine, a concentration in Materials Science and Engineering, a concentration in Structural Mechanics and Materials, and a five year program that combines the BS in Engineering Science with a Master’s in Teaching from the Curry School, resulting in teacher certification.

Since technology and society are making advances at breakneck speed, with Engineering Science, students can invent their own cutting edge program that keeps up with the rapid pace. For example, a number of our graduates have used Engineering Science to create green (or sustainable) engineering degrees by combining a minor in civil engineering with a minor in environmental science. All students who have followed this path have had jobs in place in green engineering before their graduation date.