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Engineering in Context Program

The Engineering in Context (EIC) program provides engineering students with a culminating (capstone) experience in which they apply the engineering knowledge and skills they have acquired to address realistic problems in a multidisciplinary team environment. It emphasizes the importance of context (cultural, organizational, regulatory, environmental, economic and political) in identifying and defining problems, and the potential benefit and impact of engineering solutions. EIC capstone teams receive the financial, instructional and infrastructural support to bring a proposed solution from problem definition to final design and prototype testing.

The objectives of the EIC program are:

  • To provide you with a realistic and contemporary understanding of the professional practice of engineering,

  • To enhance your understanding of the larger context of engineering practice, especially the cultural and organizational impact of technology and the responsibilities of engineers to the society they serve,

  • To help prepare you for success in a multi-disciplinary, cost-driven engineering environment in which product design and development takes place, and

  • To provide an engineering-oriented track in which to develop and complete your senior thesis.