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U.Va. in Argentina

Course Information | Inside Look | Mendoza, Argentina

MoutainsThe U.Va. in Argentina study abroad program is an intensive course offered during January and May terms. Students travel to Mendoza, Argentina, where they are challenged to work for real clients, solving real problems.

The course focuses on applying Systems Engineering and Business principals to identifying problems and developing solutions, but student from all majors and years are encouraged to apply. The interdisciplinary teams create an environment of collaboration and diverse perspectives, strengthening their work.

Throughout the program, students are given the opportunity to explore the city of Mendoza, learning about the culture and connecting with the people. Cultural excursions are planned to spend some time outside the city, in the mountains and among the many vineyards.

Overall, the program aims to allow students to learn by using Systems Engineering in a cross-cultural setting, learning from their peers and their clients.

UVa in Argentina was created and first run in the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) for J-term 2009. After three successful programs, SEAS joined forces with the McInitre School of Commerce to enhance the interdisciplinarity of the program. UVa in Argentina is now co-run through both SEAS and McIntire.

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Blog from the Argentina J-term 2017 program