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NSF Early CAREER Awards

The following is a list of faculty in the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science who have received Early CAREER Awards between 1993 and 2009.


Michael Shirts, Department of Chemical Engineering
Understanding the Thermodynamics of Crystalline Materials Using Advanced Molecular Simulation Sampling Methods

Mohammad Mahmoody, Computer Science
Separations In Cryptography


Jeff Saucerman, Department of Biomedical Engineering
Systems Analysis of the Cardiac Hypertrophy Signaling Network

Andres Clarens, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Understanding the Physiocochemical and Systems-Level Processes that Would Enable Sustainable CO2 Sequestration in Shales


Haibo Dong, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
An Integrated Study of Biological Fluid Dynamics in Nature


Jonathan Goodall, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Integrated Modeling for Watershed Management

Abhi Shelat, Department of Computer Science
Legitimacy through Crytography

Cameron Whitehouse, Department of Computer Science
A Comprehensive Macroprogramming System for Cyber-physical Systems


Avik Ghosh, Charles L. Brown Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Understanding Electron Dynamics at the Nano-Micro Interface

Kim Hazelwood, Computer Science
An Evolutionary Approach to Hardware/Software Collaborative Design

Jason Lawrence, Computer Science
The Inverse Shade Tree Framework for Material Acquisition, Analysis, and Design


David L. Green, Chemical Engineering
Connecting the Wetting and Rheological Behaviors of Polymer Grafted Nanoparticles in Polymer Melts

Sudhanva Gurumurthi, Computer Science
Architectural Techniques and Tools for Adaptive Active Storage Systems

Jason A. Papin, Biomedical Engineering
Interrogating the pathogen-host relationship with genome-scale network analysis


Sean R. Agnew, Materials Science and Engineering
Understanding the Anomalous Ductility of Select B2 Intermetallic Compounds: Polycrystal Plasticity Modeling and Validation by In-Situ Diffraction Techniques


Hilary Bart-Smith, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Development of a Biologically Inspired Morphing Structure

Leonid V. Zhigilei, Materials Science and Engineering
Computer Modeling of Short Pulse Laser Interaction with Metals


N. Scott Barker, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Development of an Integrated Millimeter-wave Fourier Transform Spectrometer for Detection and Identification of DNA

Tetsuya Iwasaki, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Feedback Control Theory for Biological Pattern Generation
(Currently at the University of California, Los Angeles)

Roseanna Neupauer, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Wavelet Analysis of Scale Effects on Subsurface Flow and Transport
(Currently at the University of Colorado, Boulder)


Rosalyn Berne, Science, Technology and Society
Ethics and Belief Inside the Development of Nanotechnologies

Kevin Skadron, Computer Science
Control-Theoretic Techniques and Thermal/Power Modeling for Dynamically Managing Temperature and Power in Microprocessors

Giovanni Zangari, Materials Science and Engineering
Fundamental Aspects of Electrocrystallization Phenomena: An Experimental and Modeling Approach


David Evans, Computer Science
Programming the Swarm

Stephanie Guerlain, Systems and Information Engineering
Cognitive Engineering of Surgical Work Processes


Garrick Louis, Systems and Information Engineering
Integrated Municipal Sanitation Systems

Brian Smith, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Time-Critical Applications of Nonparametric Regression: Harnessing the Power of Information Technology for Infrastructure Systems Management


Stephen Patek, Systems and Information Engineering
Regulation of Packet-Switched Networks: Stochastic Optimal Control Models and Computational Methods


Maite Brandt-Pearce, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Optimizing Fiber-Optic Communication Systems Through Analytical Modeling of Linear and Nonlinear Signal Degradations

Matthew Neurock, Chemical Engineering
Molecular Engineering of Catalytic Surface Chemistry Through First-Principles Simulation

Mircea R. Stan, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Advances in Theory, Design Methods, and CAD for Low-Power VLSI


Teresa B. Culver, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dynamic Optimal Control of Groundwater Remediation

Erik Fernandez, Chemical Engineering
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Analysis of Protein Conformation During Bioprocessing

Pamela M. Norris, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Microscale Energy Transport In Aerogels

Kevin Sullivan, Computer Science
Toward a Scientific Basis for the design of Integrated Systems


John R. Scully, Materials Science and Engineering
Passivity of Intermetallics and Bond Percolation in Intergranular Cracking