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Academics at the Engineering School

Anita Jones Bill Wulf Hilary Bart-Smith David Green

The University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science has nine academic departments serving 2,592 undergraduate and 590 on Grounds graduate students in state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities.

Our faculty are members of 35 professional societies, including seven members of AAAS, 16 fellows of IEEE and 10 members of the National Academy of Engineering, and 37 have received Early CAREER awards.

The School combines research, experiential and educational opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Within the undergraduate programs, courses in engineering, ethics, business, mathematics, the sciences and humanities are available to build a strong foundation for careers in engineering and other professions. Abundant research opportunities complement the curriculum and educate women and men to be leaders of innovation in technology and society.

At the graduate level, the Engineering School collaborates with the University’s highly ranked medical and business schools on interdisciplinary research projects and entrepreneurial initiatives.

The Engineering School offers an array of engineering disciplines, research programs that address societal challenges: creating a sustainable future, engineering improved health, advancing the cyber and physical infrastructure and providing personal and societal security.