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Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Through the creation and transfer of knowledge, U.Va. Engineering educates leaders in the application and development of engineering and scientific solutions that benefit the world.

Our Vision

“Empowering people to create a better future”

U.Va. Engineering will be a premier engineering research school offering a personalized, high-impact student education, leadership development & a dedication to service.

U.Va. Engineering will:

  • Provide student-focused educational programs within a thriving research environment
  • Emphasize leadership & service
  • Provide engineering technical rigor & a broad educational experience across U.Va.
  • Connect our undergraduate & graduate educational & research programs
  • Live by our core values every day
  • Empower faculty, staff & students to succeed

The School of Engineering and Applied Science in the 21st Century

Founded in 1836, the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science combines excellence in undergraduate and graduate education in a robust research institution. The undergraduate program offers courses in engineering, ethics, mathematics, the sciences, business, entrepreneurship and the humanities. The program also places great emphasis on leadership and service. Faculty and graduate student research addresses societal challenges including creation of a sustainable future, engineering improved health, advancing the cyber and physical infrastructure and providing personal and societal security. This research is often conducted in collaboration with U.Va.’s highly ranked medical, architecture, education and business schools, as well as the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. The Engineering School is comprised of 140 distinguished tenure track and 46 non-tenure track faculty, 85 research professionals, a student body of 2,400 undergraduates and 616 graduate students.